You tailored the routine for me perfectly. Your working with me helped me get more from the routine than I would’ve on my own. We were at the right pace; keeping a cardio aspect, and increasing the weights pushing to near exhaustion yet keeping the momentum building strength and definition. The cardio walk we did afterward was surprisingly effective in keeping my heart rate up and burning calories. I look forward to being back in the gym with you soon.

I’ve been training with Chris for about 6 months. His personal approach as my personal trainer, implement and adhere to the winning formula of intensity, efficiency, and results. He was very attentive to my goals and played a huge factor to my success!

The brevity of the training is quite effective. I never thought I’d get that much out of a short workout and I doubted I’d see any results. But I literally did more in Chris’s short, high-intensity workouts than in an hour on my own. He jump started my metabolism and had a real impact on my physique and strength. And he did this in a way that minimized stress on my joints, a concern since last time I was remotely this active was playing hockey during my high school days and hated exercising. He is an excellent motivator and you will work harder in 45 minutes than you would in 2 hours with other trainers.

As my trainer, Chris went out of his way to be available to answer any questions regarding my diet and offered to personally food shop with me for my weekly meals . He even picked out a gym that fitted my monthly budget. I haven’t felt and looked this great in years. For someone who originally didn’t live a healthy and active lifestyle, Chris made it very easy for me to incorporate the healthy and active habits today.

Thank you Chris

My name is Sharon. I would like to share my personal training experience that I had with Chris.

As a woman, there are many struggles we face to obtain the figure we once had in our younger years or pre baby body. Well, I can honestly and proudly say that Chris is the personal fitness guru to help you reach your goal!!

One area of concern for me is the extra baggage of the upper arms. You know what I mean ladies, the part that keeps on waving long after you have stopped waving goodbye to someone! I expressed my concern to Chris and he knew exactly what weight and exercises to successfully target that issue.

The second area for me, was the lower belly bulge. I did not like the way I looked in the mirror nor did I like the way my clothes fit. Again, with Chris by your side, and the right exercises and diet, I saw results.

The last area of concern for me was my thighs. Again, clothing was uncomfortable. Hearing the sound of my thighs rubbing against each other as I walked was not pleasant or attractive to say the least. But, again, Chris knew what to do. And, again, I got the results I wanted.

My goals were to feel better both mentally and physically, lose weight and to tone my body. I explained to Chris that I wanted to tone NOT body build and he worked with me to achieve theses goals in a healthy way. Chris will push you if you need but, he does it with respect. He is always concerned about you, The Client, and makes sure that you are doing the exercises properly to avoid any injuries. He will also take into consideration any prior injuries or surgeries you may have had and will never give you more weight/reps than you can handle.

I would recommend Chris to anyone who has tried the rest and who now wants the BEST!!! Reach out to him. You will not be sorry. His knowledge, experience and personality speaks volumes.


As someone who is stubborn to stop eating and lazy to go to the gym, you actually got me motivated to hit the gym and at least eat less than usual.  and, i’ve actually already lost 5 lbs. ! thanks for your patience and attention to me! with your guidance i’m sure i will achieve my goals.

I have been training with Chris for several days and I am loving the workouts and results I am receiving.  I have worked with other trainers before and I am most satisfied with the attention and enthusiasm Chris from Create Your Physique Personal Fitness gives.  He pays attention to ME and my workout rather than looking around at what everybody else in the gym is doing. I am excited and can not wait for the end body result!! I highly recommend Chris at Create Your Physique Personal Fitness! He is a great motivator!

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